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Nathimisodile Trading cc (E-Ticketnet Travel and Tours) . has diversified its portfolio in travel and tourism sectors, delivering new, integrated market-driven products through E-Ticketnet Travel and Tours Agency.. Our subsidiary, E-Ticketnet Travel and Tours, is a boutique online ticketing Agency that serves three broad ticketing industry sectors: Event Management, Transportation, and Travel/Tourism. Whether you need to travel by luxury coach, domestic/international flight, cruise or organize a major live event or meeting, E-ticketnet's professional and experienced staff are here to help.
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E-Ticketnet Travel & Tours, established in 2001, is a woman-empowered travel company which provides travel consultancy services to a variety of high-profile corporate and government clients for business and leisure travel. Our consultants take pride in developing strong relationships with clients and suppliers as an independent travel agency. The consultants at E-Ticketnet Travel Agency have completed Multi GDS training (Galileo and Amadeus Platform) and are certified SA Specialists. Furthermore, to properly engage with a diverse client base, our experienced travel consultants know a plethora of African languages. Our agency collaborates directly with our clients to provide dependable, flexible, and affordable leisure and corporate air travel to destinations in South Africa and worldwide destinations with a strong focus on African market.
E-Ticketnet is conveniently located in Durban Central for customer convenience and accessibility. Our greatest strength is our contact with clients/customers. Our clients are welcome to contact us at any time with questions; consumers are welcome to visit our office to enquire about fares and discuss travel choices before making a final decision to purchase

E-Ticketnet is officially appointed agent contracted by all leading Luxury Coach liners under a single location. Thus, our services affords travel consumers the opportunity to compare prices and choose discounts options. Thanks to strategic agreements with incredibly renowned travel organizations, E-Ticketnet Travel has an amazing network and corporate contracts in place with practically all travel providers, such as airline groups, hotel brands, and car rental providers. We take advantage of these discounted agreements to provide our clients the most accessible and affordable pricing on the market.

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We provide a comprehensive range of service at E-Ticketnet Travel and Tours Agency to help you make the most of your trip and ensure everything works smoothly. These travel services include the following:
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