Thailand is one of South Africa's most popular holiday destinations, and for good reason. The shopping is unrivaled, the food is delectable, and the Thai people are among the friendliest you'll ever meet – and that's just a taste of what you can anticipate on a trip to Thailand. Thailand, a wonderful coastal paradise, is a country that, despite its popularity as a tourist destination, has managed to maintain its cultural integrity. From stunning beaches to lush forests, historic monasteries to coral reefs, Buddhist monks to floating markets, and ultimately aromatic and rich food to tempt your taste buds, you'll find it all here. Bangkok, Thailand's capital, is recognized as a modern melting pot of cultures, faiths, and experiences. Phuket, Thailand's largest island, features all Thailand has to offer. The island, which is served by the Phuket International Airport, has a steady stream of visitors throughout the year. In a nutshell, Phuket is defined by golden beaches, several offshore islands, vibrant markets, a high-octane nightlife, and thrilling watersports.
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